Reusable visual assets to provide high conversion in the banking context

We created templates for the websites of Sberbank subsidiaries from 9 different countries. We also made the design of these templates using a fresh and energetic style that still retains the original friendly tone of Sberbank’s colors. The first implemented template was Our landing page templates ensured an outstanding conversion for the bank.


  • Best practice research
  • Business interviews
  • Wireframing
  • Testing
  • Design


  • dr. Andras Rung — UX lead
  • Maria Amidi Nouri — UX architect
  • Tunde Varga — UI designer
  • Szabolcs Papai — UX designer

Our partnership with Sberbank started in the spring of 2014 when we redesigned the page presenting their Fair retail account package with a strong focus on sales and user experience. We highlighted the advantages of the product and the bank for new customers; we made our descriptions for the steps of opening an account with a clear-cut and understandable. We also enabled prospective clients to contact the bank easily. Once the site was restructured, we also made the pixel-perfect design for it.


Since Sberbank was really happy with the quality of our work, they assigned us with a much larger task in August 2014. For Sberbank’s subsidiaries in 9 European countries we designed templates that meet users’ expectations and at the same time promote the sales of the product presented on the given page.We designed templates for the following pages:

Account selector

Account selector


Loan selector


Account product page


Loan product page


Account landing page


Loan landing page


As a first step we made preparations in order to execute the design task at the highest level. We conducted interviews with the representatives of the business to learn more about the client’s expectations related to the project and to gain access to all the necessary background information. We had thorough conversations with customer service representatives, working at the branches or at the customer care department discussing which expectations and difficulties users seem to have in their experiences. Along with this we surveyed the greatest and most innovative banks relevant best practices, so that we can capitalize on existing great solutions.


Having surveyed the needs and collected all the background information we set off designing in a group. The upcoming design problems were all discussed in a group so that everyone’s knowledge is added up in the designed materials. To facilitate the team collaboration we used the Asana project management tool. The wireframes made in Axure were discussed later with the client on Conceptboard. After the discussions we fine-tuned the wireframes and when everything was approved, we made the design of the pages.


While making the design we made sure that the new designs retain the color scheme and style of Sberbank, yet at the same time modernize its visual language. The pixel-perfect designs were discussed through Invision where we further improved the details.  We included the finalized and approved designs with explanations in a booklet so that Sberbank colleagues from various countries would quickly understand our plans and the motivations behind the new designs. As a result Sberbank employees can now utilize these plans more easily for their own purposes. The entire project that included several steps was completed in 1.5 months.


Sberbank Hungary started using our landing page template in October 2014. The conversion rate of the page is 9% – meaning that 9% of the visitors filled in a relatively complex form that required personal and financial details as well. This is remarkable since based on average figures in the industry, 2-3% would have been considered great results. Sberbank has been successfully using  our templates in various other projects as well.

Form to apply for a product

Form to apply for a product