Voice-based interface design – presentation

  • By András Rung
  • 16 Mar 2017
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Rung András’s presentation at the NLP meetup on 22th February 2017 – download in pdf.

Find below the excerpt of the presentation:

From whom is this relevant?

  • 16% illiterate
  • 14% younger than the age of 6 years
  • 2% visually impaired
  • 10% dyslexic


  • Occupied hands
  • Cheap gesture
  • Passive
  • Group-based

Why is it interesting?

  • Alexa and Google home will shake things up
  • Still before the starting line in Hungary
  • Moving past IVR
  • The death of VUI or GUI?

Chatting or taking care of business – From butler to friend

  • Situation-dependent adaptation (task, intent)
  • Co-reference and context management
  • A mix of visual and voice-based solutions
  • Expectation management

Sample conversations – Creating the interface’s backbone

  • On-site work and interviews
  • Creating successful conversation paths using diagram drawers
  • Nuance Mix, Api,.ai, Wit.ai
  • Creating visual screens

Constructive grammar – VUI and modern language theory?

  • Wildcards and logical inputs
  • Fillmore, Goldberg
  • Complex opportunity management


  • Three-level feedback
  • Clearly: The weather in San Francisco is…
  • Not a linguistic signal
  • Generic: I’m sorry to hear that
  • Visual

Troubleshooting, assistance

  • No speech
  • No interpreted speech
  • Processed but not managed speech
  • Poorly recognised
  • Beginners and proficient user management
  • Assistance and correction opportunities

Clarification, versions

  • Too much information: I have a headache and nausea…
  • Input variation management: fridge, refrigerator, chiller, cooler, ice-box
  • What is the temperature in Velence? /Call John.
  • Asking back or guessing

Intentions, complex data entry

  • Show me my calendar / add an event / delete event, etc.
  • Emotion detection based on voice and keywords
  • Nonlinear completion of complex forms


A real veteran of UX by having 13 years of experience. Strong focus on business needs and innovation. András Rung has worked for various institutions and companies since 2002. He is the co-author of the first Hungarian usability book and author of the usability blog Ergomania.


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