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What is service design and why should a banking service be designed?

The life cycle of a service can be divided into 5 parts according to the methodology of the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library): Service strategy Service design Service implementation (implementation and conversion) Service operation Service development, optimization   Basically, service design focuses on the overall service experience and the design of the service delivery process and strategy. It focuses on crucial points of contact with customers such as initial contact, engagement phase, and feedback on post-consumption experiences. The planning phase must focus on mapping all the key points where the client using the service meets the company. User motivation and

Say Goodbye to the UX Agency Next Door – The Beginner’s Guide to Nearshoring

If your company has a UX project, and it does not have (enough) specialized designers, it’s a no-brainer to go and hire an agency or consulting firm for that work. But where do you find that agency that’s best for you? Well maybe you should look around in places you wouldn’t normally do. Outsourcing is a common practice in all industries. Why pay a lot to companies in your country, when you can get the same quality of work done by a professional on the other side of the world – and for way less? While this is true in

Round table discussion: Can security only be increased at the expense of user experience?

Dr. András Rung, CEO of Ergomania, led an English-language roundtable discussion on the role of UX in digital transformation projects at the eFinance & Fintech Festival 2020 in Budapest. The most interesting topics and ideas from the roundtable discussion are as follows: 25-30 people, all professionals from the banking sector took part in the discussion. Dr. András Rung’s first question was about whose company has a dedicated UX team, which methods they employ for research, what processes they deal with and what experiences they have on the topic. Several of the participants emphasized on the equal importance of user experience

A more conscious and careful choice of feature prioritization methods is needed!

Dr. András Rung, CEO of Ergomania, gave a presentation in English titled “Choose your features with care” at the eFinance & Fintech Festival 2020 in Budapest. In the introduction, he talked about the problems possibly arising during development phase, and also about the methods companies and design agencies nowadays trying to employ to find solutions to these snags. Typically, these solutions are either based on the intuitions of executives or copies/stolen ideas from the competitions. It is also common to use marketing studies sometimes even ROI calculations, and if they eventually venture to do some research, they focus on the

I’ll give it to you straight: how does it make sense to develop a voice-based game?

Microphones, in addition to physical input devices (keyboard, mouse, touch screen), are undeniably everywhere. Naturally, they are included in all mobile phones, but are also becoming more and more common in home computing. At the same time, speech recognition technology has also reached a level where it can handle a microphone as an increasingly complex input device. It’s only natural to ask: how can a player control such complex processes as games only via voice-based control? A few years back, before the advent of voice-controlled AI assistants, there was a relatively small number of applications that would actively use signals

The long awaited introduction of instant payment in Hungary, UX optimization is still missing

At the time of instant messaging, not long ago we had to wait a whole day that the sum lands on the recipient’s account after issuing a bank transfer. Not to mention, if the time of the transfer coincided with a weekend or a public holiday, it could have been several days. To avoid this, in 2014, the European Central Bank’s, European Retail Payment Committee (EBRD) established the SEPA inst. (Single Euro Payments Area), which is designed to make payments as safe and easy for anyone in Europe as in the user’s own country, regardless of the payment method. Towards

Ergomania Product Design Agency Named Clutch Leader Among Hungarian Design Firms

Here at Ergomania Product Design Agency, we work with companies to design applications and interfaces. We look for clients all around the world, mainly Europe, the Middle East, and the East coast of the United States. The service we most often provide is UX/UI design, however, we also assist in digital strategy, web design, web development, and graphic design. We have recently been named a high performing UX designer in Budapest, Hungary by Clutch.     Clutch connects businesses with prospective clients by giving the client past customer experiences. Based in Washington, D.C, Clutch’s analysts take the information they receive

Revolut – What to love and what not?

For a long time, the big banks, the behemoths of the financial industry did not take the new financial (so-called fintech) service providers seriously. Not one bit. They were not regarded as serious competitors, they were the guide fish feeding on the scraps left by the shark in its wake. However, as these newcomers are beginning to grow, the big players cannot afford not to pay attention anymore, both financially and in regulatory aspects. Now, with the help of Ergomania’s staff, I decided to take a closer look at one of the main contenders or rather well-known challengers of the

Design systems, from ring binders to modular design

The term design system is one of the buzzwords lately, but do we know exactly what it means and would it really be the solution to anything and everything? Millenáris Startup Campus has hosted the second workshop of Ergomania’s Product Design Talks and judging by the almost full house that greeted the presenters, design systems really are hot commodities right now. The professional presenters talked about the characteristics of design frameworks and their place in modern product design and tried to shed some light on how new banks and neo-banks are so successful nowadays. “Design system” is one of the

Startups and UX, Opportunities and Pitfalls

Startup Live debuting in Budapest in October 4-6, sets its sights on no less than its slogan proposes: “Start a business over the weekend”. An international series of events bring together startups and industry-renowned professionals for a few days to help them mentor ideas into truly successful products. Ergománia has been taking part in the event a number of times as mentors as well as the partners of the Hungarian edition, so it is only natural that we’ve decided to share our vast knowledge on what a startup would benefit from the UX approach and what are the pitfalls lurking