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Genertel is the first direct insurance company in Hungary, without any fiscal policies for customer service using online helpdesk and call center. Their online interface is a crucial part of the business as it’s the main channel of client communication. We have been working hard to use the newest practices and trends to shape up a brand new image for Genertel.


  • UX concept
  • Accessability concept
  • Mobile first design
  • Mobile wireframing
  • Paper prototype testing
  • Desktop wiraframing
  • UX testing and validation
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Client interviews
  • Best practice research
  • Review of existing site


  • Balázs Tárkány-Kovács – UX lead
  • Szabolcs Pápai – UX designer
  • Tamás Nyeste – UX designer
  • Réka Tamás – UI designer
  • Tamás Zelizi – UI designer
  • Viktor Suszter – UX designer
  • Zsófia Kiss – UX designer

mobile first

Recognizing the change in customer’s demand, the planning primarily happened on mobile first concept, meaning that the wireframes were constructed for mobile screens first. The interface is an improved version of the mobile first wireframing based on the acquired experiences.

The whole project consisted of different work phases. The development started with an intensive research where all the user flows were mapped. We were able to understand deeply what is the process when a customer requires to make an insurance or report a damage. Personas were created and usability tests were performed together with best practice researches in order to implement the best solutions.

Easily accesible products and services on the main screen.


Team work with the client

Ergomania and Genertel founded together the concept during design studios and workshops, as it is crucial to make the base of a new way of thinking together with the client. Ergomania added the methodology and tools, Genertel put the years of their professional experience into the project. A chatbot was introduced into this project which is amongst the first in Hungary. The chatbot asks the user, orders questions making the process easier. At the end of the project Genertel customers benefited of an intutive and more focused platform.

Paper prototyping

Design studio in progress

Insurance is an experience

For a better user experience the conventional way of communication with the customers had to be changed. As a result the process of contracting is less monotonous, there are no forms to fill out, the customers encounter a friendlier experience.

Comparing packages

and banking

Case studies

OTP Simple Application

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