Paper prototype fidelity

Prototypes are the representation of a design concept which we prepare in order to communicate or test our ideas. Paper prototyping is a technique that involves quick hand drawn sketches of interfaces which are valuable assets for user testing. The paper prototype test session also requires a “human computer” who is responsible for acting as […]

Smart paper prototype

We all have seen projects wasting money and time for unnecessary developments and features based on totally wrong design concepts. Good news is we can avoid this with a cheap and easy method. Paper prototype testing prevents projects to go to astray. What is paper prototype testing? Paper prototype refers to several hand drawn or […]

Wireframes and colors

A graphic design mock-up and a high fidelity wireframe share several characteristics which makes difficult to see where the work of the UX expert ends and the graphic designer’s starts. Not yet prevalent in Hungary, smart project planning beyond the waterfall model makes possible for the UX and the graphic designer to work on the […]

Wireframing tips

For beginners it is often difficult to decide whether pen and paper or digital wireframing is the most efficient and what are the necessary steps that one should consider. Now, let’s have an overview  of the basics of wireframing. Digital wireframing Digital wireframing guarantees all the advantages of digital design: an easy way to edit, […]