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Fintech & Banking

We have grown to become the most experienced UX team specialising in Fintech with 100+ Fintech projects successfully completed. Our portfolio ranges from mobile and Internet banking to internal systems, from sales support to chatbot and voice interfaces.

E-Commerce & Classfields

There is no business without conversion. Over the years, we have gained significant experience in how to sell products online, everything from cars to flats. The key component in online sales is to satisfy the end users in a way that your business goals are never forgotten.

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Downloadable Content
Voice & Conversation

We have the ability to re-enact the feeling of conversations between device-user interaction and help users easily complete tasks or search for information without using their hands or eyes.


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We designed a full-fledged application for simplifying everyday finances.


K&H Bank's Corporate Netbank

The K&H Electra Netbank App consolidates all financial needs into a single, user-friendly application. With its intuitive design, businesses can effortlessly manage their company's cash flow, transactions, and investments from one centralized hub.

K&H Bank's Corporate Netbank

Atmen Fintech Mobile App

Designing a Minimum Viable Product for a Diaspora Neobank Startup

Atmen Fintech Mobile App


We established written and visual consistencies and guidelines for TreasurUp’s financial platform.


Simple by OTP

Simple by OTP Bank is Hungary's No.1 mobile payment app for cashless payments with 1M+ downloads, and 1 million+ transactions.

Simple by OTP Simple by OTP


We conceived this game-changing app in co-creation with the founder and end users using user interviews, a business model canvas, and Lego serious play.


Common Product Design Challenges

It’s important to keep the focus on your niche. When you choose a niche for the product, it allows you to focus your efforts on a single area of expertise. It’s important to keep the focus on your niche. When you choose...

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We have grown to become the most experienced UX team specialising in Fintech with 100+ Fintech projects successfully completed.

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