UX Services

UX Services

Our approach to UX extends beyond designing visuals. We embrace end-to-end responsibility, starting from the initial stakeholder interview and continuing through every stage, culminating in a polished digital product.

How we work

Our projects are based on our 3D (Discover, Define, Design) design framework. During the main stages, we continuously iterate to meet your needs and solve problems efficiently.


01 Discover

During the Discover phase, we gather information about your organization, products, content, goals, and users. By immersing ourselves in your audience and market, we enhance our understanding of effective goal achievement.

Stakeholder Interview

A stakeholder interview is a focused conversation with relevant stakeholders that can greatly assist the UX design process. They can help to ground any project with valuable insights that would oth…

Heuristics Analysis

In the course of heuristic analysis we systematically review the relevant pages and processes of the website, webshop and application based on our design experience and according to a system of c…

Business goal and KPI definition

KPI definition is based on relevant business goals. Several KPIs are applied in former projects:

  • Number of organic search results
  • Micro and macro conversion rates (global,…

Analysis of web analytics (Like clicktale)

Web analytics shows us where the users click, what elements they interact with, what elements they think they can interact with and where they focus their attention. This tool is perfect to de…

Ethnographic research

Ethnographic research borrows its methodology from the science of ethnography. That is why it is also called shadowing, because the aim of ethnographic research is to observe the test subject witho…

Diary Study

Diary study, or diary data collection, utilises an old tool tailored to modern methodology: diary writing. During logged data collection, users keep a real log of their experiences. It typically co…

Mental Model research

The goal of Mental Model research is to design a task/a series of tasks and their solution in a way that suits the thinking of users. We need to know where, how, and why users place emphasis, so th…

Best practice research

The aim of best practice research in UX design is to optimize the design process by collecting workable solutions on the one hand, and using these good practices on the other to improve our own pro…

Lego serious play

Lego serious play is playing with Lego, not just for designers. Lego Serious Play is an innovative, experimental facilitation method in which participants have to solve a predefined task, problem o…

Data analysis

Data Analysis is an essential part of any planning and business process. Without knowing accurate data, planning can only be based on estimates, intuitions or professional experience, but these onl…

User Interview

User Interview has been part of the UX design process from the beginning. Its strength lies in its simplicity: in the form of an interview, we ask users questions that are of interest and importance t…

Website, webshop, application analysis

Our service consists of reviewing the functionality of a completed website, webshop or application, identifying its weak points and proposing solutions for them. The analysis covers usability, de…


02 Define

In the Define phase, we consider the aspects are most important, decide which areas need immediate attention, and assess what is achievable. Our main goal is to design a product that fits the user's needs, instead of trying to make the user adjust to the product.

Design sprint

Involving all interested parties in an extremely intensive 5-day workshop series:

  1. Mapping the problem
  2. Creating various solutions
  3. Assessment of the solutions
  4. M…


The extensive usage of personas (fictive users representing specific user groups) facilitates design work and makes it more effective. We create personas based on the

Empathy Map

Empathy Map is drawn by answering four simple questions, but the resulting drawing gives the clients a more detailed picture on their user types, their thoughts, their opinions, what they do and fe…

Business Modell Canvas

Business Model Canvas is a business plan with easy-to-understand content detail located somewhere between a business idea and a detailed business plan. Business Model Canvas models the components o…

Value proposition canvas

Value proposition canvas or as we call it in Hungarian, the value proposition sketch is part of the Business Model Canvas, and at the same time an independent and important element of business plan…

User journey

The role of the User journey is to map the relationship of users, their “journey” through interactions with the system, moreover, to assess and analyze what mental and emotional states users are go…

Kano model

The Kano model is an effective way to measure user preferences, primarily during product development. It was developed by Professor Kano Noriaki…

Design studio

Design studio is one of the best and easiest to use methods of Design Thinking. It’s basically a group drawing workshop where stakeholders and users of a product or project work together to develop…

Quick sketching

Visualising concepts and ideas is an efficient way to tackle challenges we are trying to solve. It’s the main method to deepen understanding of the design challenge and reaching common ground when …


Wireframing is a user-oriented digital interface design method that allows us to build a website, software, or application. The aim and purpose of a UX-oriented design is to focus on the user exper…

Service design

Service Design means human-centered design. The goal of a Service Design project is to focus on human needs rather than internal business needs, on proven practices rather than formal instructions.…

Voice user interface design

Instructing it to perform certain tasks – from switching on the lights to ordering plane tickets or sending money or getting detailed information. Our cross-functional team of professionals are rea…

User testing

User Testing is a critical part of any development and design project. Although there are those who tend to sacrifice user tests on the altar of budget cuts, this is a serious mistake because if th…

A/B testing

A/B testing is also called split or multivariate testing. The goal of A/B testing is to compare two different versions of a chosen solution to find out which one gives more optimal results.


Desirability research: Determining the desirability factor

Desirability research: determining the desirability factor

Design elicits a very rapid emotional response from users, ranging somewhere on the scale from highly likeable to neutral to highly re…

Paper prototype test

Paper prototyping is a very useful component of the design process. Paper prototypes cannot be compared to the testing of the interactive site, its significance is in the modification and finalizin…

UX Guide

The UX guide is a document which presents UX guidelines used during the design, and offers additional principles that will help the site to preserve its content and feature consist…

UI design

The aim of the UI design, ie. the design of the user interface, is to create an attractive surface for the target audience, meeting their expectations stemming from the wire frames created earlier.…


Branding could mean many different things. Branding, or brand building, is essentially the activity of giving a company a certain design or symbol to promote its products and services and to make t…

Design system

There are several definitions of a design system, depending on the focus: components, recyclability or practices.

A design system is a collection and system of components that can be reused i…


The brand book consists of a document with attached PSD and JPG files. The book presents the graphic assets used during the design in a well documented and organized manner including suggestions an…

Hire a pro UX, UI service designer

The essence of hire a pro

When a (potential) client needs a designer, we first assess their needs. We look not only at what their expectations are, but also at

Development quality control

Development support is usually understood as a set of activities where a professional, a team or a whole company provides expert assistance in the development process, identifying bugs, weaknesses …

Wordpress development

WordPress is a cost-effective solution with significant international support for anyone who wants to have their own website. WordPress is a CMS, or Content Mana…

Frontend development

Frontend web development, also known as client-side development, is the practice of producing interdependent HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes and files for a website or web application. The goal of f…

Backend development

Backend development means programming on the server. It refers to the activities that happen behind the scenes when someone interacts with a website or (web) application. Backend developers are res…

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting a website to rank as high as possible in the organic (i.e. non-paid) search engine results (e.g. Google). Search engine optimisation is a …

Business Analyst

By using our Business Analyst service, we can bridge the gap between the business, design and IT teams. We do so by providing one or more Business Analysts for our Clients. Through this service we …

Card sorting

Card sorting, or page sorting, is a fairly useful tool in designing websites and applications. The purpose of the card sorting method is to easily sort the content and functions to be displayed into g…

05 Education

Through mentoring and training, we help you learn, develop, or solve a specific problem online or in person. We are happy to train individuals, groups and smaller companies.

UX education

The aim of UX education is to introduce you to the inner workings of UX, the profession of enhancing the “user experience”, at the basic level, and to learn the science of UX as effectively as poss…

UX mentoring

UX mentoring is designed to provide the opportunity to talk to an experienced UX professional to those just starting to learn UX or the ones who are already immersed in UX but are stuck and would l…


Why to choose us?

Our team

With more than 40 designers to work with, there's always someone with the right experience for your business needs.

Our expertise

We love working with niche audiences and complex products, such as banking interfaces and software as a service.

Our flexibility

We can work on fixed projects or on a time and material basis, scaling up or down whenever necessary.

We provide our services to market leaders

Our UX firm partners with industry leaders, delivering exceptional results for years. Reputable for reliable & top-notch UX design services.