Rung András’s presentation at "Nagy Magánpraxis" conference – download the presentation in English (pdf).
Find below the excerpt of the presentation:WHAT IS UX?
  • User experience design means planning and visualising functions
    which offer value to user business needs leading to a more efficient design and a higher development standard
  • We are the architects of the digital space
  • Higher sales or more users
  • Faster and more affordable development
  • More affordable maintenance
  • Greater satisfaction
  • UX-UI design accounts for 10-15% of development
  • Estimated by measuring and testing profit
  • Calculation of return before development
  • Return on investment within roughly one year, possibly months
  • 83% average KPI improvement
  • Understanding business objectives
  • Background knowledge of the sector
  • Building a workable business model
  • Guidance for the project
  • Savings achieved through proper planning
  • Design thinking
  • Motives, thinking and identifying objectives
  • Defining the required functionalities
  • Methodology tailored to the objectives
  • Context and life situations
  • Iteration
  • Consistence
  • Consistence
  • Persona based
  • Validation of ideas
  • Regular testing
  • Testing by platform
  • Little and poor knowledge of users
  • Low focus on mobile
  • Poorly-considered user journeys
  • Serious risk in switching
  • Suitable for completing the task
  • Low degree of physician integration
  • Trust
  • Accessibility
  • Differing costs of interaction
  • Straightforward
  • Easy to learn, support
  • Service design approach
  • Observation-based experiences

About the authors

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Dr Andras Rung
CEO, Funder

A real veteran of UX by having 18 years of experience. Strong focus on business needs and innovation. András Rung has worked for various institutions and companies since 2002. He is the co-author of the first Hungarian usability book and author of the usability blog Ergomania.