Experience of use, patient’s satisfaction

Rung András’s presentation at “Nagy Magánpraxis” conference – download the presentation in English (pdf).
Find below the excerpt of the presentation:


  • User experience design means planning and visualising functions
    which offer value to user business needs leading to a more efficient design and a higher development standard
  • We are the architects of the digital space



  • Higher sales or more users
  • Faster and more affordable development
  • More affordable maintenance
  • Greater satisfaction



  • UX-UI design accounts for 10-15% of development
  • Estimated by measuring and testing profit
  • Calculation of return before development
  • Return on investment within roughly one year, possibly months
  • 83% average KPI improvement



  • Understanding business objectives
  • Background knowledge of the sector
  • Building a workable business model
  • Guidance for the project
  • Savings achieved through proper planning
  • Design thinking



  • Motives, thinking and identifying objectives
  • Defining the required functionalities
  • Methodology tailored to the objectives
  • Context and life situations



  • Iteration
  • Consistence
  • Consistence
  • Persona based



  • Validation of ideas
  • Regular testing
  • Testing by platform



  • Little and poor knowledge of users
  • Low focus on mobile
  • Poorly-considered user journeys
  • Serious risk in switching
  • Suitable for completing the task
  • Low degree of physician integration



  • Trust
  • Accessibility
  • Differing costs of interaction
  • Straightforward
  • Easy to learn, support
  • Service design approach
  • Observation-based experiences


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