Join our UX team and make the world greater

Do you finally want to create something of lasting value? Join our UX team. Don’t miss this truly unique opportunity!

What you will do:

  • Devise the UX strategy and concept
  • Create detailed, high-standard wireframes and prototypes
  • Create personas
  • Fine-tune and visualise business ideas from a UX perspective
  • User testing and interviewing
  • Communicate with clients and gauge their needs
  • Plan user trajectories
  • Create experience maps
  • Cooperate with designers and developers
  • Content management
  • Prepare analytics
  • Support and lead non-senior UX designers (If you are a senior designer)

We are open to full-time, part-time, or even self-employed work schemes.

Required professional skills and background:

  • At least 2 years of UX experience
  • MA or equivalent degree
  • At least intermediate Axure or Omnigraffle skills
  • At least intermediate English skills
  • Accuracy and ability to meet deadlines

It is a plus if:

  • You hold a degree in architecture, design, psychology, economics, IT or linguistics
  • You are flexible and creative
  • You keep up with the industry literature
  • You are efficient and well-organised

We expect a lot, so we are also offering a lot in exchange, as we know that development hinges upon balance:

  • Competitive salary
  • A professionally and personally cohesive team
  • Focus on professionally compelling issues instead of political games
  • Independent work schedule: work from home outside core hours, remote work days
  • Career opportunities: If you actively contribute to the company’s success, you will be rewarded with advancement opportunities
  • We have a diversity of projects, ranging from small companies to large multinational corporations
  • International relationship network and co-workers
  • Regular feedback on your work
  • Support for self-training initiatives
  • An attractive work environment

To apply, send your resume to


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