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The essence of using best practice research

At Ergomania, best practice research is found to be extremely useful because, although good practices can rarely be transplanted one-on-one, they can provide useful guidance.
Good practices are best practices in the practical use of an existing product or service, so they can provide excellent help in the design of any similar product or service.

All best practice research is divided into several stages, including:

  • Outlining the problem
  • Identifying issues to be considered and traps to be avoided
  • Examining additional sources
  • Researcher experience (either an example of good or bad practice).


Creating best practice research at Ergomania

In best practice research, we gather what good solutions have been found in the design topic at hand in the past. During this process, we take screenshots, collect demo videos that we organize and comment on to make it clear why we found them beneficial and forward-looking. Occasionally usable, highly inspiring patterns are also sought from other industries if the goal is radical innovation.


The main methods of using best practice research

Best practice research is primarily examined and researched in desk research, ie both online and offline space. We are mainly looking for good practices in places that are affected by the current design topic, including :

  • Professional forums
  • Social media
  • The trade journals
  • Reports from key representatives in the field of the current planning topic


What our customers gain by using best practice research?

Through best practice research, we gather existing practical experience for our customers (if there are any such experience to speak of) through which we can speed up the design process and make it more efficient. Good practices avoid design flaws, dead ends and less efficient solutions, so our customers gain money and time overall.


What is the role of our customers in drawing best practice research?

The role of our clients in best practice research is to share with us the good solutions they already know of and to participate in the evaluation of best practice patterns.


The result of the successful use of best practice research

The end result of best practice research is a visual collection of good practices along with highlighting their benefits.

  • Information from client: Sharing already known good solutions
  • Client cooperation: Participation in the evaluation of samples
  • Deliverables: A visual collection of best practices highlighting their benefits

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