K&H Bank's Cutting-Edge Corporate Netbank

The K&H web Electra consolidates all financial needs into a single, user-friendly application. With its intuitive design, businesses can effortlessly manage their company's cash flow, transactions. All-in-all it is redefining the financial experience into a more efficient and hassle-free experience on the journey to establishing a more empowered financial life for businesses.

A real performer

Electra is not just about simple balance checking; it goes the extra length by becoming the ultimate banking companion. Giving access to manage finances on the go for small and big businesses. To check account balances, monitor transactions, and make secure payments directly from the app. It's like having a bank branch right in the pocket!

Designing the ultimate Banking Companion

By integrating all essential business requests and new convenience features into one app, K&H’s goal was to design a banking App for their complex structured corporate clients. Clients that have different finance departments, management layers all within a diverse infrastructure.

This refurbished digital tool we built for K&H is a comprehensive and user-friendly application that meets all the needs for corporate users.

Making finance for businesses likable

To make a finance App likable is paramount. That is why we have taken significant strides to make our App more engaging and accessible than ever before. With a refreshed and user-centric approach, they meticulously reimagined the layout and structure to create an unrivaled experience for every user.

The App got a more modern lay-out, that seamlessly guides users through its functionalities. We carefully optimized the navigation, ensuring that every feature is just a tap away. Whether the user is a tech-savvy enthusiast or a newcomer, we revamped layout offers an intuitive journey that they find refreshingly easy to navigate.

The App was restructured to present information in a clear and logical manner, eliminating any guesswork. By enhancing the app's structure, finding what the user needs in a faster and more efficient way than ever. The user didn’t need to hunt around for features or feel overwhelmed.

We understand that every user is unique, and that's why personalization got integrated into the App. Now users can tailor the layout to suit their preferences, choosing the information and features that matter most to them. This level of customization empowers businesses to create an App that fits their practices like a glove, making it an indispensable tool in their daily routine.

Our commitment to usability doesn't end with the App itself. They also prioritize seamless integration across different platforms, allowing users to switch effortlessly between devices without missing a beat. Whether the user is on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, the personalized App experience travels with the user, ensuring that the user is always connected to what matters most.

We are dedicated to finding valuable users' insights, and that is why feedback drives the Apps continuous improvement. Our support team was ready to assist whenever K&H needed it, ensuring that user experience remained smooth and hassle-free.

Payment templates Payment templates

User Research

After a thorough user research, we combined our findings in one coherent whole. The most important issues where addressed in one system.

User research

The process

We started with reviewing the existing design and mapped its issues at hand by performing in depth user interview

These User interviews were generally conducted with potential users of the design, as part of the ideation phase, or during the early development of the new concept.

User interviews followed a structured methodology, during which the interviewer prepared several topics, concluded the interview discussions, and systematically analyzed the conversation afterward.

The goal here was to base the design on actual user needs and to validate early concepts.

The main issues at hand that came about as the project developed were to:

  • harmonize large number of participants from different businesses / operations / IT areas
  • bring freshness without considerable discomfort for those users who do their work in web Electra on a daily basis, that consists of hundreds of company clients' financial colleagues.

We resolved these issues by being a bridge between the different departments and brought the stakeholders together for the common goal of delighting the users with the refurbished web Electra.

New transactions New transactions

Numerous cycles of iteration, thorough testing, and continuous refinement. The wireframes, interactive components, and visual design all went through multiple iterations, carefully fine-tuning them to achieve the best outcome that balanced technical feasibility, business requirements, and user expectations. By analyzing user statistics, we pinpointed the most pivotal processes and dedicated months to crafting effective solutions, before releasing it to the developers.

UX-UI Quality Control During Development

After incorporating the insights from the tests, we refined our designs, generated the necessary assets, and shared the final design, crafted in Figma, with the development team.

Deposit accounts Deposit accounts

Revitalizing User Interface: A Fresh Visual Experience

The final visual appearance emerged after much testing and numerous iterations. The new UI interface took a few hundred hours to create. To make sure that the many screens are all aligned with guidelines and design systems, to have a smooth consistent good digital experience.

We created a design system that defines the UI foundations and its architectural structure; screen designs for new functions can be easily created based on the design system.

Key focus points for the UI Design

Usability & accessibility first

Usability & accessibility first

Use system specific solutions

Use system specific solutions

Use animations as storytelling

Use animations as storytelling

Bank Cards Bank Cards
Outcome: B2B web App

With its user-friendly interface, robust features, and responsive design, the application has seamlessly integrated into various business operations, enhancing efficiency, streamlining processes, and fostering innovation. As a result, it has not only gained widespread adoption but has also catalyzed a shift in the way businesses approach digital solutions, setting new benchmarks for user experience, functionality, and technological advancement.