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This is how you can come to us

Váci street Center, 8th floor
1056 Budapest Váci street, 81

Váci street Center, 8th floor
1056 Budapest Váci street, 81

approach by car

We are very close to Fővám square. You can reach our office at the city's most central streets. The easiest way is passing through Belgrád rakpart to Havas St. and turning right to Molnár St. You can park in the street (code:0502. 440 Ft/hour until 20:00) or park in the building's parking lot.

This is how you can come to us

  • You may drive in to the parking lot from 40. Molnar street.

  • In order to enter the parking lot, push the button by the traverse and wait until the receptionist appears.

  • You need to tell them that you are a guest of Ergomania.

  • The machine will print a ticket which you’ll need to bring to the office and get a stamp on.

  • The guest parking area is on the -1st floor, in this area you may park your car wherever you want to.

  • To get to the ground floor you need to use the stairs.

  • At the reception you will get a card with which the elevator works to reach 8th fllow.

  • If the card is not working, ask the receptionists’ help. Otherwise, first, you have to touch your card to the card sensor in the elevator and then push the button: number 8.

  • When you get out of the elevator (the bigger square-shaped nine 9 and not the small button), you need to ring the bell and we’ll open the door in a matter of seconds.

  • Before leaving, the host will take care of your ticket

  • The guest card and the ticket should be given to the receptionist on exit.

  • When you leave the parking lot, the gate opens automatically.

  • If for some reason the traverse is not opening, you need to push the button.

approach by public transport