The client’s needs for the website were:content available inHungarian and English, easy-to-useadministrative interface, timetablewith a class type filtering option, teacher profiles,gallery, rates, contact form, contact details, highlighting the benefits of doing Yoga.

The development consisted of customising a premium WordPress template. The advantages of a premium WordPress template are: cost-effectiveness (the template costs USD 59), the template features the incorporated functions(timetable, teacher profiles, slider, etc.) which the client requested, so minor development adjustments were needed.

Weekly view of the yoga classes, the classes can be filtered by class types Weekly view of the yoga classes, the classes can be filtered by class types

The drawbacks of a premium WordPress template is bigger conceptual changes can only be implemented by substantially rewriting the template, which may greatly increase the cost of development. We chose the WordPress templatebased on the following considerations: theme sophistication – in terms of design and UX, quantity and qualityof integrated functions and plugins, theme documentation, user ratings, speed and quality of support.

We used Asanaas our project management tool and Slack and Skypefor communication between team members, and also held weekly status meetings.

The client (Yoga Art Muhely founder Kriszta Zsóvár)had little background material and only gave us an outlined brief; at thekick-off meeting, we finalised the cornerstones of the design process in terms of design and UX.We initially held a face-to-face meeting with the client to specify the finer points of the briefand to understand the client’s business needs. We then mainly used emailto communicate, but met several times with the client to discuss her business needs and concepts while we continuouslyfine-tuned and specified the briefduring the design and development phase.

Trainer list Trainer list

Before launching the website we showed the basic WordPress functionsto the client in person (uploading and editing content, adding images, basic settings, etc.); this is where the unquestionable advantage of the WordPress CMS (content management system)became clear: a logically structured and intuitive administrative interface. Thanks to this approach, the client only required minimal support for editing contentand for the general use of the website once it went live.

Prices Prices

The project was concluded on schedule thanks to the effective task management methods used throughout the design and development processes as well as the well-designed template and quick support provided by the creators of the template. The template relativelyrequired minor adjustmentsto provide the perfect user experience.
Yoga classes can be filtered by different categories Yoga classes can be filtered by different categories

Developing the website using abespoke CMS would have roughly tripled the budgetand the time without guaranteeing the same standards as the current solution.

The error messages are highlighted in a way that is easier for the user to comprehend The error messages are highlighted in a way that is easier for the user to comprehend

Overall, we created a WordPress-based responsive website which meets our client’s needs. It’s optimised for mobile devices, easily editableand manageableand outstands from the other similar websites in Hungary in terms of design, functionalityand UX.

Further screenshots:

Opening page Opening page
Yoga class details Yoga class details
Timetable Timetable
Menu items Menu items
Contact form Contact form

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