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Dec 18, 2023

Japan Fintech on the rise

When I first e-meet Takeshi Kito in the summer of ‘22, the then Vice-Chair of the Fintech Associatio...

Oct 6, 2022

Europe’s most popular digital banks - what should we know about them?

Online banking services are satisfying more and more needs and are becoming more and more widespread...

Aug 17, 2021

Will it be enough to upgrade Revolut in the age of hyper-personalisation?

Revolut has come a long way in its relatively short, six year-long career. Launched in 2015, the sta...

Jun 22, 2021

Innovative UX solutions from Bunq neobank Digital banking in the Netherlands - part 1

Digital and/or mobile banks are among the most user-friendly varieties of financial organizations. T...

Mar 16, 2021

The Netherlands Fintech Scene

With over half its landmass standing no more than a meter above sea level, and a quarter below sea l...

Jul 17, 2020

The African Fintech scene - Merging with the global mainstream

The African fintech scene is growing at pace, with radical and innovative offerings that increasingl...

Jan 4, 2020

Revolut - What to love and what not?

For a long time, the big banks, the behemoths of the financial industry did not take the new financi...

Nov 20, 2019

Design systems, from ring binders to modular design

The term design system is one of the buzzwords lately, but do we know exactly what it means and woul...

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