The Price of Interaction

The supposition that the fewer the clicks required to reach something, the better the design is ubiquitous. But anyone familiar with UX knows better. We know that this premise can lead to overly complicated screens, an onslaught of way too many options for users that prevents them from choosing. So where do people who think […]

Aristocratic UX

When designing new and innovative interfaces, we are trying to predict where we are headed and what the future will bring. What will the new user expectations be, and how will be able to best meet them? Josh Clark has pertinently said that UX does not necessarily bring in new ideas, but implements old dreams instead. […]

Wireframes and colors

A graphic design mock-up and a high fidelity wireframe share several characteristics which makes difficult to see where the work of the UX expert ends and the graphic designer’s starts. Not yet prevalent in Hungary, smart project planning beyond the waterfall model makes possible for the UX and the graphic designer to work on the […]

Unity in design

The concept of unity is an essential principle in design. Today, we cannot imagine a quality web page without carefully applied typography, color unity and other look and feel elements. Although, less emphasis is put on the unified and well-designed working mechanisms of the page, it has equal or rather more significance. Users get confused […]